Aerial view of Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage
Aerial view of Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage
Official Earth Harmony Festival 2015 Teaser:
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Official Earth Harmony Festival 2016 Video Teaser Coming Soon!

The Earth Harmony Festival is a free weekend celebration of eco-living & sustainability held on one of the world's largest EcoVillages - Nestled in Southern Arizona's stunning Santa Cruz River Valley on 220 acres of beautiful organic farmland at
Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage

Official Earth Harmony Festival 2016 Video Teaser Coming Soon!



Come join us in celebration of healthy and holistic living, come learn of a new way of life that is both futuristic and ancient! We believe true sustainability means being in right relationship with the Creator, with Mother Earth and with each other. We strive to live this way everyday and our beautiful and sacred land is a manifestation of this core belief. Love and harmony actualize our motives and it is our sincere desire to share our unfolding vision with you in the spirit of celebration, education, rejuvenation and family.

As an EcoVillage Avalon Gardens fuses cutting-edge green technology with tried and true indigenous practices to create a prototype culture where each individual can live a nurtured, balanced and harmonious life. We are food activists, growing organic food year round, saving seed and promoting heritage and heirloom varieties of crops. We are change agents, striving for harmony in every facet of life, committed to serving the world through our unfolding vision and inspiring example. We are family and we believe that the whole world must begin to live as one planetary family, this is true harmony.

We are musicians and lovers of rhythms, come dance with us! Cultures around the globe honor the rhythms of the seasons with music. In every village, country, and culture you will find the musical traditions that complement the melodies of Mother Earth. The planting of a seed is the opening notes of a divine symphony and the harvest its triumphant, joyful finale. We seek harmony with each other as we build a culture of cooperation in place of an old world of competition and we hope to inspire others to pursue a lifestyle of global change through holistic sustainable living.

Earth Harmony is spiritual harmony.


Take home tips & tools to help grow a more sustainable world for future generations. The Earth Harmony Festival features:
Hands-on demonstrations
Garden & EcoVillage tours
Live music & fine arts
Camping & children's village