Earth Harmony Festival 2017 at Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage

Dear Brothers & Sisters:

As with the cycles of life in nature, growth often leads to new directions and adventures! With many areas of our greater "garden" blossoming, our attention and energy is needed there and so we have decided not to hold the Earth Harmony Festival this year.

We are focusing on building new and greater aspects of our EcoVillage as part of the campus of the University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion. Projects include student housing, community facilities and the construction of the Global Temple of Divine Administration.

We are excited to move forward with the vision of the founder of the Earth Harmony Festival, Gabriel of Urantia, which is "One God, One Planetary Family". In creating this Global Temple, we endeavor to join people from around the world in spiritual unity through the study of the Fifth and Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation.

If you would like more information about workshops, seminars and other educational opportunities at the University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion, please visit the website at

Many thanks to all the hands and hearts who have contributed to the Earth Harmony Festival and the continued vision unfolding!

Live Music • Speakers • Yoga • Dance • EcoVillage Tours • Kids Village
Camp in one of the world's largest EcoVillages!

(just 1 hour south of Tucson!)

The Earth Harmony Festival is hosted by

* Avalon Organic Gardens and the Earth Harmony Festival are proud to be drug- and alcohol-free.

Experience the Lifestyle of the Near Future

The Earth Harmony Festival is a 2-day festival celebrating living in environmental, social, spiritual & musical harmony held anually during the first weekend of October.

Educational speakers, artisan vendors, musicians, and festival-goers converge on North America's largest EcoVillage for an unforgettable weekend of higher-consciousness living.

Stay tuned for information about future festivals!

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Tour a Fully-Functioning EcoVillage

Don't miss the exclusive chance during the Earth Harmony Festival to go on an EcoVillage tour! See the lifestyle of the near future currently unfolding at our EcoVillage where the modern meets the mystic. The EcoTour is led by Master Gardeners and long-time residents of the EcoVillage guiding participants through permaculture food production systems and sacred architecture buildings.

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See What's on the Tour

Camp at the Nation's Largest EcoVillage

Get the full 2-day Earth Harmony Festival experience by camping overnight beneath a magnificent view of the stars. Campfires go late into the night so you have ample opportunity to discover new friendships and make lasting memories. If camping is a little too rustic, consider staying at the nearby Tubac Secret Garden Inn.

Buy your camping tickets online and spend less time in line at the Festival! Just make sure to read our camping rules and regulations.

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2-Days of Live, Higher-Consciousness Music

Come dance with us! The Earth Harmony Festival features the soul-moving sounds of Global Change Music artists who promote messages of unity, sustainability, and higher-consciousness for the whole family.

Music Lineup

Have Fun and Explore the Lifestyle of the Near Future!

The lifestyle of the near future being created at Avalon Organic Gardens is one of cooperative unity, self-discovery, exploration and FUN! Browse our website to get excited about all the Earth Harmony Festival has to offer. Meet the yoga instructors, see who will be speaking, learn about our food and craft vendors, or check out previous years' photo galleries!

We can't wait to see you at this year's Festival!