More About The Earth Harmony Festival

Experience the lifestyle of the near future! The Earth Harmony Festival brings attendees into the progressive and innovative lifestyle of a fully functioning EcoVillage. Held at Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage in Tumac├ícori, AZ the first week of October, the Earth Harmony Festival offers a one-of-a-kind experience to tour & camp in North America's largest EcoVillage during a weekend of conscious music, delicious food, local vendors and crafts, activities for kids, and presentations on a wide variety of sustainable living practices, all set on 220-acres of the scenic Santa Cruz River valley nestled between the Tumacácori and San Cayetano Mountains.

Avalon Garden's founders, Gabriel of Urantia and Niánn Emerson Chase, began the Earth Harmony Festival to share the vision unfolding at Avalon Gardens and both the festival and the vision have been growing ever since. Festival organizer Amadon DellErba says, "We want to educate and inspire others to change their consciousness around what it means to be truly sustainable by experiencing a regenerative culture in action. We have created a physical and sacred reality that models the intrinsic values of environmental, social, and spiritual sustainability."

This year's festival is set to be the biggest yet, with newly constructed buildings to be showcased on the EcoTour and internationally acclaimed speakers taking the stage. The popular EcoTours share a comprehensive look into organic gardening, permaculture, rainwater harvesting, heritage crops and heirloom seeds, poly-culture and food diversity, composting, solar and wind energy, green building techniques incorporating natural materials as well as upcycled and recycled materials, watershed management, and Arizona's largest Food Forest.

Keynote speakers include Bill McDorman and Kate Tirion. Bill is the former Executive Director of Native Seeds/SEARCH in Tucson and co-founder of several seed-saver organizations including the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance. Bill is also the author of Basic Seed Saving and was featured in the award-winning documentary, SEED: The Untold Story. Kate Tirion is the Director of Deep Dirt Farm Institute, and will be speaking on her work as consultant, designer, and manager for large-scale projects transforming landscapes into long-term sustainable systems.

The music lineup for the festival includes headlining artist TaliasVan & The Bright & Morning Star Band, a 12-piece band of seasoned musicians from around the world, playing CosmoPop® music of the future for minds of the future. Global Change Music℠ bands VansGuard and Starseed Acoustic Ensemble are also on this year's lineup!

Entrance to the festival is $10 for ages 12 & up / $3 for ages 11 & under. Fees for camping, activities, and EcoTours help foster the EcoVillage's many prototype projects for creating a more sustainable, environmentally conscious, and equitable world. Proceeds from the festival support Avalon Gardens Internships, and The University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion — nonprofit programs which assist individuals from diverse backgrounds in various levels of healing, training, and education to actualize their dreams and talents.

We hope you will join us for this one-of-a-kind gathering to imagine, build, and fuel the future!

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The Earth Harmony Festival is hosted by:

Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage

A 220 acre "Garden of Eden" that provides locally-grown, organic produce to the residents of the Santa Cruz County through our Community Supported Agriculture program. Avalon Gardens is located adjacent to the Tumacácori Mission in the Santa Cruz River Valley south of Tucson, Arizona. The area has a long tradition of being both a melting pot of different cultures and a spiritual gathering place for new-world seekers and sages. Nestled between the sky-islands of Southern Arizona, the valley below has come to be known as the "palm of God's hand."


Global Community Communications Alliance (GCCA) is a spiritual community and EcoVillage in Tumacácori, Arizona. For more than 25 years, GCCA has continued to grow and thrive as one of the world's most successful intentional communities. We have established a prototype of green living that helps others find community and become more effective global citizens.