Camelot Kids Village

Camelot Kids Village activities by donation.

Camelot Kids Village is a fun, playful space where kids explore the theme of living in harmony with nature and each other in interactive, creative, and entertaining ways. The interactive activities and games inspire kids to explore the world in new ways and the overall experience opens them up to the joys of living.

Theme: Living in Harmony with Nature and Each Other

  • Solar oven baking
  • A Nature Village with interactive anthill theme board
  • Spider web obstacle course
  • Interactive creature sock puppets play
  • Live bug and animal display
  • Craft Tables
  • Seed-To-Table Interactive Journey Activity
  • Metate Grinding
  • Nature Sand Trays
  • Human Village with play tipi and papercrete tunnel activity
Fun pony rides for the kids Earth Harmony Festival is Family Friendly