Take an Inspiring & Educational Walking Tour through one of the country's largest EcoVillages

What Makes our EcoVillage?

Embark on a journey into a world of sustainable living and regenerative agriculture built on timeless wisdom and modern technology. The Earth Harmony Festival EcoTour grants you an exclusive look at the ins-and-outs of one of North America's largest EcoVillages.

EcoVillage tour stops include the following:

  1. Solar Energy — See how the EcoVillage utilizes Arizona's abundant sunshine to fulfill many of its energy needs. Grid-tie and stand-alone solar arrays will be seen on the tour as well as effective methods for hot water heating without fossil fuels.
  2. Food Forest — Take a walk through this low-maintenance, plant-based food production system which mimics a woodland ecosystem. Inspired by Robert Hart at Wenlock Edge in Shropshire, England, our Food Forest is the largest in the state of Arizona, incorporating fruit trees, nut trees, shrubs, and herbs.
  3. Drip Irrigation — Check out innovative, low-impact solutions to irrigating organic vegetable fields and garden beds in the desert.
  4. Wind Power — See how wind-powered turbines can be used to pump water without using fossil fuelds.
  5. Rainwater Harvesting — Learn about the multitude of ways natural rain water can be captured and reused.
  6. Watershed Management — Travel through the beautiful landscaping of the EcoVillage to see and learn about the engineering and design techniques used to optimize water conservation, preserve wildlife habitats, and improve water quality.
  7. Grain Milling — Learn about how we support food security in our region by growing heritage grains such as Sonoran wheat and Red Fife and processing them on-site.
  8. Bees — Get the latest buzz on organic honey bees and the pollinator gardens that attract them.
  9. Heirloom Vegetable Growing — Discover a wide variety of heirloom vegetables native to the Sonoran desert region, each offering unique flavors, nutrition, and adaptability not available in mainstream supermarket selections.
  10. Seed Saving — See how seed diversity is preserved for future generations as an assurance against the genetically modified and hybridized sterile seeds being used by big growers.
  11. Green House Plant Cultivation — Find how the growing season can be extended using greenhouses, high tunnels, and other techniques.
  12. Aquaponics — Check out a functioning synergistic aquaculture system, in which the waste produced by fish supplies nutrients for hydroponically grown plants, which in turn purify the water in a closed-loop system.
  13. Green Building (Monolithic Domes, Strawbale, Earth Domes and more!) — Learn how recycled materials combined with innovative designs can be used to create living spaces that are as beautiful as they are sustainable.

Resources related to each stop on the tour will be included in the Festival EcoTour booklet providing a resource kit for those who want to implement/follow up on these practices. See you on the tour!

2017 EcoTours:

  • Saturday Oct 7 @ 11:30am — 1.5 hour tour for just $15
  • Saturday Oct 7 @ 5:00pm — 1 hour tour for just $10
  • Sunday Oct 8 @ 1:30pm — 1.5 hour tour for just $15
  • Sunday Oct 8 @ 3:30pm — 1.5 hour tour for just $15

All proceeds support our nonprofit social outreach and vocational programs!

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