Earth Harmony Festival Activities


Embark on a journey into a world of sustainable living and regenerative agriculture built on timeless wisdom and modern technology. The Earth Harmony Festival EcoTour grants you an exclusive look at the ins-and-outs of one of North America's largest EcoVillages.

Learn more about the EcoTour here.

Global Change Theater

This year, Global Change Theater performs live theater at the Main Stage! This international troupe of performing artists present thought-provoking theater pieces with a message.

The all-original work of Global Change Theater will be featured both Saturday and Sunday of the 2017 Festival and includes pieces entitled:

  • "Chasing the Sun"
  • "Tree of Life"
  • "I Guess He's Not Hungry"

Check out the Festival schedule for performance times.

Kid's Village

Kid's Village activities by donation.

The Earth Harmony Festival Kid's Village is a fun, playful space where kids explore the theme of living in harmony with nature and each other in interactive, creative, and entertaining ways. The interactive activities and games inspire kids to explore the world in new ways and the overall experience opens them up to the joys of living.

Theme: Living in Harmony with Nature and Each Other

  • Solar oven baking
  • Seed Balls
  • Human Sun Dial
  • A Nature Village with interactive anthill theme board
  • Live bug and animal display featuring llamas!
  • Craft Activity Tables - paper flowers, leaf art, woven wreaths and mats, charcoal drawing, and seed, bean and grain mandalas
  • Seed-To-Table Interactive Journey Activity
  • Metate Grinding
  • Nature Sand Trays
  • Play tipi and giant papercrete building blocks
  • Avalon Nature Adventure Walks
  • Face Painting
  • Upcycled Bowling
  • Upcycled Air Conditioner Display

Seed Swap

Bring out your seeds! In partnership with Native Seeds/SEARCH the Earth Harmony Festival will be hosting a Seed Swap during the Festival! At Avalon Gardens we believe in preserving seed diversity for food security and have multiple initiatives for growing and storing heritage seed varieties. Contribute your seeds to the Festival Seed Swap and take home some new varieties!

Find the Seed Swap opposite the main stage at this year's Kids Village.