2017 Speakers TO BE ANNOUNCED!

See who spoke at EHF 2016:

EHF Speaker TaliSeen JahRing

TaliSeen JahRing

TaliSeen JahRing has worked internationally on farms holding various positions from harvest manager to consultant. Now settled in Southern Arizona, he serves as a full-time volunteer with Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage where he heads up the organic food production of the 215-acre property specializing in management of permaculture and regenerative food systems. A relentless problem solver, TaliSeen has built custom gardening-tools to assist in chemical-free planting and weed control. He is also a technology pioneer, launching web-technologies to empower others to succeed in non-corporate organic farming. As a technology lead, he also teaches and inspires students to think creatively as to how to use technological solutions for environmental problems in a holistic way. An avid musician, when TaliSeen isn't in the gardens or on the computer, you're likely to find him improvising on the piano.

Permaculture Designer Kate Tirion

Kate Tirion

Kate Tirion has been practicing as a permaculture designer and teacher since 1990, and currently works frequently as a consultant, designer, and manager for large-scale projects transforming landscapes into long-term sustainable systems. The Director of Deep Dirt Farm Institute in Patagonia, Arizona, Kate continues to learn and innovate solutions in land management as adapted to her local environment. "By learning and doing," Kate says, "we discover how to create new and resilient models that regenerate themselves and also sustain us over time. Our strength lies in our interconnectedness: with each other and the place in which we live. Together, we can develop a myriad of sustainable systems. The more pieces we create, the more whole the landscape, and the more resilient we become."

Filmmaker Brionne Davis

Brionne Davis

When Brionne Davis landed in the Colombian Amazon to begin filming "Embrace of the Serpent" — a film nominated for best foreign film at the 2016 Oscars and winner of the Alfred P. Sloan Award at Sundance Film Festival — he had no idea how all of the experiences of his life would come together to form a greater sense of validation, respect for the magic of the indigenous, and an increased appreciation for the environment. Brionne is an actor, director, and a strong advocate for environmental preservation. Growing up near the Ozark foothills in North Texas, Brionne was able to maintain close ties to his Choctaw roots, whose spirit still dwells within him now. Brionne will be sharing his magical and inspirational message on filming the internationally acclaimed film in the Amazon, working with the indigenous tribes, the nightly visitations from shaman spirits, and how a moth landing on his shoulder would forever change his life.

Dome architect Rick Crandall

Rick Crandall

Dome architect Rick Crandall of Crandall Design Group (Mesa, AZ) will speak on the unique benefits and aesthetics of monolithic dome structures. Monolithic domes are becoming a more popular type of building technique due to their relative low cost, durability, and ability to withstand adverse conditions such as wind, rain, and even seismic activity. An expert architect and design consultant, Rick will bring his professional knowledge to the Earth Harmony Festival — to the backdrop of Avalon Garden's own monolithic construction project, "The Trinity Domes", recently completed in early 2016.

Tarenta Baldeschi

Tarenta Baldeschi

Master organic gardener, Tarenta Baldeschi, grew up in Germany and Italy and has lived in several intentional communities for more than twenty years. He became a member of the German Stonemason & Sculptor Guild early on, specializing in stone restoration. After immigrating to North America he lived and taught self-sufficient living for 7 years with Native American Elders. He has been a member of Global Community Communications Alliance since 1993 and helped established Avalon Gardens in Sedona for more than 10 years. As a minister, he teaches and inspires through workshops and talks. One of the solutions on a very physical level is to eat the healthiest and freshest organic food from your own garden and/or from local farms like Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage which has been providing vegetables in the Santa Cruz River Valley since 2007.

Kamon Lilly

Kamon Lilly

Kamon, a master organic gardener and herbologist with a lifetime of experience, grew up in the mountains of Wyoming where he and his family lived almost entirely off the land and the fruits of the earth. He has gardened organically in Wyoming, Hawaii, and Arizona for about 40 years. He has been a member of Global Community Communications Alliance for the last 23 years, teaching spiritual concepts, organic gardening and animal husbandry. He has also taught yoga, martial arts, and the identification and use of edible and medicinal wild plants. Kamon is an artist and works almost exclusively with natural materials, making musical instruments, sculptures, and jewelry called Cosmic Gifts of the Earth. His art can be seen at the Out of the Way Galleria in Tubac. Kamon was a combat veteran in Vietnam and the Dominican Rebublic and was wounded in action.