SanSkritA DellErba

My name is SanSkritA DeleVin DellErba and I first discovered yoga when I was young impressionable teenager and somewhere between experimenting with the foreign poses and memorizing the names, I managed to fall in love. In the summer of 2015, I took a 200-hour Hatha/Iyengar alignment-based yoga teacher training. Though I had not expected it, the course took me on an inwardly creative journey into self-discovery and honest examination of my beliefs, limitations, potentials, motives, ethics and so much more. I have discovered that many other people experience the same penetrating influence of mental and spiritual exploration during yoga teacher training, an impression that lasts well past the 200 hours. Of course I gained educational insight during my yoga teacher training highlighting in depth understanding of asana practice (safety first), pranayama techniques, proper alignment, modifying poses and adjustments, prop use, anatomy, sequencing building blocks, working with different body types, hands on adjustments, practice teaching, role playing, Sanskrit translations, exploring different types of yoga, Ayurvedic health, dealing with special needs, the history and philosophy of yoga and the business aspect of yoga.

I believe that yoga provides a unique focal point unlike any other exercise system in that it requires balance and poise combined with strength to accomplish many of the postures. This necessitates the practitioner to go inwards to achieve a still point and that is the defining action that makes yoga a physical and spiritual practice. There is no question that when we become still and place our awareness on the inner life, movements of the spirit happen and we are positively influenced. I believe that yoga can inspire the best within us and I work on manifesting that sense of positive confidence in my students. It is not through physical feats of strength and flexibility that we gain purpose, but in the effort required to achieve this in the first place. If we put the effort in we will feel good at the end of the day, no matter if we can touch our toes or not.

Teaching yoga is a relatively new realm for me, though I have been practicing it for years and I am excited about sharing my passion for yoga with others. At this time, I focus on flow and vinyasa, with my interests in dance and movement inspiring the direction of the yoga class. I can teach all levels and I focus on refining the postures with special attention to alignment. As yoga is a continual journey, it does not immediately require fitness or flexibility, only willingness, and in time the body is sculpted along with the spirit. Props and modifications to poses make yoga accessible to all.

The way I see it, yoga is an art form and the body is the medium, each assana taking you to a new level of discovery. I like to appreciate each student as a composite of art, each with their own set of colors, textures and expression. I don?t make the art piece; I simply encourage them to accomplish this by their own capacity, creativity and motivation. I like to say, "believe in the best of you, you believe in the best of me and we believe in the best of we"

Campers can do yoga with SanSkritA DellErba at the Earth Harmony Festival!

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