SanSkritA DellErba

SanSkritA DeleVin DellErba is a trained yoga teacher with a 200-hour Hatha/Iyengar alignment-based yoga certification. Her unique style highlights the depth of her understanding of asana practice (safety first), pranayama techniques, and proper alignment. About her yoga practice, SanSkritA says, "I believe that yoga can inspire the best within us and I work on manifesting that sense of positive confidence in my students. It is not through physical feats of strength and flexibility that we gain purpose, but in the effort required to achieve this in the first place. If we put the effort in we will feel good at the end of the day, no matter if we can touch our toes or not."

Cheyanne Abolt

Cheyanne Abolt is a travel junkie and nature enthusiast with a passion for taking her yoga practice off the mat and into the great unknown of adventure. As a Cancer Survivor Cheyanne's primary focus and philosophy is on the healing properties of life. She believes the union of our hearts with the energy of nature furthers our understanding of our higher self and of our higher purpose.

Cheyanne will be sharing a beginners guide to the fun of AcroYoga! In this partner yoga class you will learn the foundations for flight. From where to place your feet to how to properly communicate for a better practice and better world! You will leave this class knowing the fundamentals as you find balance in basic to intermediate AcroYoga poses that will get you prepared for greater future variations. No previous experience or partner necessary. Extra credit points if you come with a friend!

Check out Cheyanne's website.