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Greetings Friends!

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Thank you for your interest in becoming an Earth Harmony Festival vendor! As a vendor, the Earth Harmony Festival is an opportunity to market to festival attendees, who come from all corners of Arizona and the country to participate in this celebration of sustainable living, as well as a chance to network with higher-consciousness organizations and producers.

This weekend celebration of eco-living and sustainability will be held at Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage, a 220-acre emerging ecovillage nestled in the picturesque Santa Cruz River Valley of Southern Arizona.

The Earth Harmony Festival is a celebration of living in environmental, social, and spiritual harmony. Festival goers come to learn and share, slow down and relax, dance and recreate, rejuvenate and reconnect with Mother Earth. The Earth Harmony Festival provides a rich palette of experiences to enhance each participant's ability to actualize their visions and dreams of a better life.

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We are inviting vendors to complement this weekend of earth education and entertainment. We are excited to host vendors with life-enriching, sustainable, creative, nurturing, wholesome products and foods that contribute to creating the future we all want to see our grandchildren thrive in.

As a Vendor/Sponsor, your product or services will be showcased in a kaleidoscope of food, music, arts, crafts, culture, and people from all walks of life seeking unity without uniformity.

All vendors are recognized on our festival website. Also, throughout the festival, vendors will be promoted actively from the stage at key times.

We have kept our vendor rates low, as we recognize your vital role in the success of this festival. And as one of the ways of thanking you for your support and participation, you are invited to camp for free on the beautiful festival grounds. All proceeds of the Earth Harmony Festival go to scholarships for Avalon Gardens Internships.

Thank you for considering our festival, and we look forward to talking with you soon. For more information about becoming a vendor at the Earth Harmony Festival, please contact Ardendae Gasser at (520) 398-2542 or via email at vendors@earthharmonyfestival.


We are a non-alcoholic, non-drug, family event. We do not accept Vendors with dark art, heavy metal art, or drug paraphernalia at our events. We reserve the right to withhold vendor approval subject to our review.

We are committed to minimizing the impact of the festival on the environment. In the spirit of sustainability, the Earth Harmony Festival is requesting that there be no Styrofoam used at the festival. As a vendor we ask that you please do not package your items in Styrofoam, or use Styrofoam cups or containers. We will provide compost bins for bio-degradable products and food in the vendor area. We will also provide recycling bins for glass, aluminum, approved plastics and cardboard in the vendor area.


1 Day: $40
2 Days: $50


30% Discount20% DiscountRegular Rate
register by July 14register by August 18register by September 22
1 Day: $60.00
2 Days: $95.00
1 Day: $70.00
2 Days: $110.00
1 Day: $85.00
2 Days: $135.00

NOTE: All Craft/Retail/Beverage Vendor registrations require an additional $25 cleaning deposit.


30% Discount20% DiscountRegular Rate
register by July 14register by August 18register by September 22
1 Day: $75.00
2 Days: $115.00
1 Day: $90.00
2 Days: $130.00
1 Day: $110.00
2 Days: $165.00

NOTE: All Food Vendor registrations require an additional $25 cleaning deposit.

"My wife and I came to your festival. We really enjoyed it. One thing my wife and I discussed was that at other festivals we have attended in the past, we hear people complaining about the price of food, noise, different things, etc.. One of the things we noticed at your festival was that no one complained about anything, not once. Not about the food, the music, the activities, anything, etc. It was very pleasing to us. It was such a blessing to go in and enjoy the harmony that was there during this festival and we greatly appreciated it and we wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed so thank you very much and we look forward to your next event."

—Steve Mitchel