Volunteer with the Earth Harmony Festival!

The Earth Harmony Festival offers volunteer opportunities for those who would like to work in exchange for camping and Festival activities such as the popular and educational EcoTour.

When you are able to volunteer depends on when you arrive at the Festival. For those interested in arriving as early as Thursday Oct. 5, pre-Festival volunteer work exchange is offered as follows:

  • Thursday 10/5: 6-hours work in exchange for camping and meals on Thursday (arrive by Thurs 8am)
  • Friday 10/6: 8-hours work in exchange for camping Friday and Saturday, and meals Friday (arrive by Fri 8am)

Adults may also choose to volunteer for additional time to cover the costs of children:

  • Camping for each additional 12-17-year-old: +1.5 hours/night of camping
  • Camping for each additional 5-11-year-old: +0.5 hours/night of camping

*Meals offered Thursday and Friday are prepared fresh daily and showcase the organic bounty grown at the EcoVillage as well as locally-sourced organic produce from nearby farms. Vegetarian, vegan options available.

Volunteer work is available in many areas including cleaning, gardening, equipment set up and moving, and more, but almost always requires the ability to perform manual labor. Let us know you are interested by filling out the form below and we will contact you about currently available opportunities.

Please upload a recent, close up portrait of yourself with eyes clearly visible.

Do you have a passion for sustainability?

The Earth Harmony Festival organizers are immensely grateful to the volunteers who help make the Festival a success each year! If you love the Festival's vision as much as we do, and want to help out beyond the time slots listed above because you like what you're doing, let us know! We will be happy to plug you in to additional volunteer opportunities.