Witchipedia and Magickal Spot Join Forces

Witchipedia, the world’s leading online encyclopedia of witchcraft and magick, and Magickal Spot, the premier destination for all things related to the mystical arts, are excited to announce their merger. The new entity will provide a comprehensive and unparalleled resource for anyone interested in exploring the world of witchcraft and magick. The merger of Witchipedia… Continue reading Witchipedia and Magickal Spot Join Forces

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Event is Cancelled

Safety is non-negotiable. We worked tirelessly to explore every option imaginably and ultimately the stars did not align for a safe even this year. If you are interested to purchase our wonderful products from Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage, these products will be available for sale online: https://www.shop.avalongardens.org/ Gallery